The UK’s first online R&D tax credit claim management platform

Kapitalise lets you:

  • Prepare and easily manage your R&D claims on one easy to use platform
  • Get expert support where and when you need it via our bolt-on services
  • Access our comprehensive R&D help centre, making claiming a breeze
  • Provide multiple user access and restriction capabilities
  • Say goodbye to inflated R&D specialist fees!

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Kapitalise Full Service

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What is Kapitalise Full Service?

Kapitalise Full Service covers the entirety of the claim process, from claim preparation to receipt of HMRC approval; along with Query Cover if ever required.

From data collection to report writing to filing your claim, the Kapitalise team has got you covered all the way through to when your money is back in your accounts.

What does it include?

Our consultants will collect all of the necessary data required to put together a winning claim. We will then produce both the technical and financial reports for your claim.

This service includes the Narrative Bolt-on and full consultancy assistance from our R&D specialists.

Our team will also handle the filing of your claim for you, a feature not available in the Kapitalise Platform or the Bolt-on service packages.

How much does it cost?

We only charge 15% of the cash equivalent of the tax savings generated.

There is a minimum fee, to make sure we cover our costs, but any fee is entirely success based and will only be charged after your claim is complete.

Comparison table

 Features Kapitalise Standard Subscription Kapitalise Full Service
Access to claim management platform Kapitalise Standard SubscriptionYES Kapitalise Full ServiceYES
Access to Help Centre Kapitalise Standard SubscriptionYES Kapitalise Full ServiceYES
Output of HMRC reports for filing Kapitalise Standard SubscriptionYES Kapitalise Full ServiceYES
Consultancy services Kapitalise Standard SubscriptionBolt On Kapitalise Full ServiceYES (included)
Narrative writing Kapitalise Standard SubscriptionBolt On Kapitalise Full ServiceYES (included)
Filing of the claim with HMRC + representation Kapitalise Standard SubscriptionNO Kapitalise Full ServiceYES (included)
Query cover (if applicable once claim is reviewed by HMRC) Kapitalise Standard SubscriptionBolt On Kapitalise Full ServiceYES (included)
Fees Kapitalise Standard SubscriptionKapitalise Standard Subscription: £1,200 + VAT

  • Consultancy Bolt-on: £600 + VAT (half a day session)
  • Narrative Bolt-on: £1,200 + VAT
  • Query cover Bolt-on: varies (min. £4,000 + VAT)
Kapitalise Full ServiceSuccess based: 15% of cash equivalent tax savings generated (minimum fee applies).

The application was successful in the minimum possible time and we received the money without disrupting at all our normal course of business.

Giannis Sotiropoulis, Financial Director of Workable

It was a real pleasure working with the team on our R&D tax credit application. They are extremely knowledgeable and take away a lot of the hassle involved with the paperwork.

Rajeeb Dey MBE, CEO of Enternships