Who we are

Founded in 2017, Kapitalise specialises in securing R&D tax credits for your business’ innovation.  With hundreds of successful claims and over £8M saved for clients, our team of innovation funding specialists can help you identify qualifying expenditure and maximise your R&D claim.

We are knowledge leaders in then field of R&D funding and we are currently coordinating WATSON – an EU wide study of the impact of R&D tax incentives.

Our team

Sarah Malter

Managing Director

Sarah has over 10 years of experience in the fields of R&D, financing, and project management. Guest lecturer on the MBA programmes at University of Edinburgh and Bath University.

Eneko Igartua

Operations Manager

Eneko has extensive experience managing European R&D grants. Eneko helps manage the WATSON H2020 grant and works directly with clients to prepare their R&D claims.

Hannah Metcalfe

Director of Finance

Hannah has extensive experience preparing R&D claims for clients, as well as managing the finance, HR and admin at Kapitalise.

Stephen Bourner

Research Project Manager

Stephen is the manager of the WATSON project, and has led many international research projects.

Paola De Pascali

Lead Researcher 

Paola is the lead researcher of the WATSON project. She is responsible for designing and conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis at a European scale.

Zahra Shah

Client Manager and Researcher

Zahra splits her time as a Client Manager, preparing and completing R&D claims for Kapitalise full service clients, and researching R&D schemes and their effectiveness throughout Europe through the WATSON project.

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