How does Kapitalise work?

The process of filing an R&D tax credit claim can be a bit tricky, as it involves putting together comprehensive reports that detail your business’ expenditure on R&D projects.

The Kapitalise team collects the information from your business and puts together all necessary documentation. Your claim is then sent off to HMRC, who typically respond within 4-6 weeks of filing.

Kapitalise helps your business navigate the process from start to finish. We represent your business with HMRC even after you receive your money.

Our experts will:

  1. Collect and compile the necessary financial and technical data
  2. Manage access to restricted information
  3. Maximise your business’ potential savings
  4. File your claim with HMRC on your behalf
  5. Save you time and money!

Most claims go through without a hitch, but HMRC will occasionally open a query to request some more information. This is standard procedure; and should HMRC ask any further questions Kapitalise will represent you the entire way through until the claim is successfully completed.

How much does it cost?

We only charge 15% of the cash equivalent of the claim size. There is a minimum fee, to make sure we cover our costs, but any fee is entirely success based and will only be charged after your claim has been successful.

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